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How would you like to invest in Trammy's future ? And your own ?

Expressions of Interest are now being accepted for stock options in the publishing company that holds the sole rights to the "Trammy"(c) character. This is a ground-floor opportunity to be one of the founding shareholders in one of the most exciting new publishing and merchandising opportunities of the new millennium. With the emphasis on education, enterprise, and ecology, this company is dedicated to the entertainment and edification of people from all age groups and backgrounds the world over.

Books, Apps, DVD, Movies, Music, and Inter-Active Games are just some of the products planned for licencing, release and distribution in the four corners of the globe. Our goal for the future is to rival the top companies in the world for the best in media and publishing and we offer this once only chance to join us on the journey TO THE TOP !


Tell us what you would like TRAMMY and his friends to be, or appear in, or appear on. Toys, Games, Apps, C.D.ROM, Educational Materials and Scale Models are just some of the ideas planned. We Love to hear your ideas too.

trammy@xtra.co.nz  with a return address for the chance to be added to the preferred list for Pre-Release and Limited Edition Trammy Products !


Manufacturers with ideas can e-mail  trammy@xtra.co.nz  and have the chance to be included in the planned world-wide release of this loveable new character.

TRAMMY wants every product, picture and image of himself and his friends to be of the HIGHEST QUALITY, so send him your BEST IDEAS and be one of the FIRST to PROMOTE YOURSELF with this new ENVIRONMENTALLY-AWARE enterprise.


A Limited Number of Private Share Placements are Currently available.

Just e-mail : 
trammy@xtra.co.nz - with a return address - to be placed on the list of potential Foundation Investors who will get the chance to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be at the very beginning of something great !